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    Gabapentin belongs to the class of anticonvulsant medicines. It is an anti-epileptic medication.

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    Can i buy gabapentin over the counter in uk ? — tony (@thetennisfel) July 24, 2015 @bbcuk @murdochmagazine @BBCNews You won't find any prescription drugs over the counter in UK. They must be illegal in your country? — Peter Tinsley (@PippinTinsley) July 28, 2015 @BBCNews @bbcuk They should check before taking a prescription drug over the counter. — J.C.Harrison (@JHCarrison) July 28, 2015 @bbcuk @BBCNews No. Most drugs are prescribed by a doctor and must have approval in the country you are taking them from. — John Clements (@johngreene) July 28, 2015 @bbcuk They shouldn't be able to get this over-the-counter in any country. — David Smith (@Smith_David) July 29, 2015 @bbcuk That's not a prescription drug you might be confused with. — Ian (@ImIanStansley) July 28, 2015 @bbcuk It's a medicine to treat epilepsy, not make you lose weight on a gluten free diet. — Tony Smith (@TonySmith85) July 29, 2015 @bbcuk The same as Viagra, but prescription for an erection-suppressing drug which is illegal in the UK. — Adam G (@adamsg77) July 28, 2015 @bbcuk That's not really a prescription drug. "The only prescription drug allowed in this country is the contraceptive pill." @bbcuk That isn't the prescription in this country, it's a "generic" drug meant for other diseases. @bbcuk This is a legal medication that only allowed to be sold in this country. — Simon Black (@Simon_Black_) July 29, 2015 @bbcuk It's not a prescription drug, "medical prescription" which means a health professional can prescribe it. @bbcuk It can't sell over the counter because it doesn't need an import license to be sold. — David Smith (@TonySmith85) July 29, 2015 @bbcuk Why would they be able to do that? — Tony Smith (@TonySmith85) July 28, 2015 @bbcuk It's not illegal? Well, how do you prove it hasn't been prescription if they haven't got a prescription? — Simon Black (@Simon_Black_) July 29, 2015 @bbcuk So you're saying that the UK allows doctors to carry out unlicensed treatments on unwilling patients? — Simon Black (@Simon_Black_) July 29, 2015 @bbcuk There is no legal prohibition about medical prescriptions being carried out unlicensed, so this case could be considered quite open and shut in the UK. — Simon Black (@Simon_Black_) July 29, 2015 @bbcuk @BBCNews they'd probably have to get a prescription first. But how do you prove a prescription hasn't been carried out? And I'm not sure that's relevant. — Simon Black (@Simon_Black_) July 29, 2015 @bbcuk It would be easier if there were some way of making sure you weren't told it was a medicinal prescription to make sure you didn't get prescribed. — Simon Black (@Simon_Black_) July 29, 2015 @bbcuk @BBCNews It depends on if they were acting as their personal doctor, or working in some other capacity that would make you think they were acting professionally. — Simon Black (@Simon_Black_) July 29, 2015 @bbcuk This would have to be an issue where their work relationship (for example if you were getting an MRI, you'd need to be told what was being tested, not their personal diagnosis) — Simon Black (@Simon_Black_) July 29, 2015 @bbcuk That's a different story. I'd be more concerned about a doctor doing one on accident. Or treating you the wrong way. Or treating you improperly. Then it's a different story. — Simon Black (@Simon_Black_) July 29, 2015

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